My Guardian Grandpa

Sixteen-year-old Judy was surprised to find her grandfather, Levi, at her door one day.

That's because he died when she was a baby.

MY GUARDIAN GRANDPA is a comic strip about a girl and a guardian angel with a lot to learn from each other.

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TRIVIA: Today’s strip had to be inked twice. Due to a defective bottle of ink with an improper balance of pigment and liquid, the first panel experienced catastrophic bleeding. I ended up buying a different brand of bristol board (even though I’ve been using Strathmore for almost 11 years) and traced the strip onto it to re-ink. The results were slightly better but the ink still bled. I thankfully found an older bottle of ink in my war chest and was able to complete the strip in time without further incident. Turns out the ink shipment was faulty, not the bristol board.

  • 14 November 2011
  • 42